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9. Telford's Parliamentary Churches

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Known as 'Parliamentary Churches' these places of worship were erected after a Highlands and Islands Commission decided that additional churches were needed in thinly-populated and scattered parishes. Thomas Telford was involved in the design and it is one of 32 similar churches throughout the Highlands. Others include ones at Kinlochbervie, Achanallt, Strathconon and Poolewe. Each church (plus manse) was to cost no more than £1500 which kept the design simple. By 1830, 32 similar churches were completed.

The last service held in this Church of Scotland parish church was in 1935. It has been used as a museum since 1990 and has been restored to what the original building was like. The museum houses local archives, records, photos and a genealogy section. It also has a large screen audio-visual presentation of Loch Broom

Click to enlarge the image, read the text then answer the following questions.


  1. How is this old church of benefit to tourism in the area of Lochbroom and Ullapool?
  2. Where else are similar churches found and why might they also interest tourists even though some of them may be closed as places of worship?